Writing Tip: When is the Best Time for an Author to Release a Second or Third Book?

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Have you entertained the thought of publishing another book? Are you questioning when the best time to release a book is? Rest assured, it’s not a guessing game. For the serious author; those that write and market themselves and their books, the best time to create a manuscript for publication is right now, in the heat of the summer!

It’s time to start thinking holiday gift-buying season already! Books make great gifts, but will yours be ready? Holiday Shopping is usually the highest time of the fiscal year for authors that are presenting themselves and the books they have written. Are you ready to utilize the upcoming shopping season?

If you plan on marketing for this upcoming holiday season, you should plan for a Mid-November book release. Which means as of right now, you have a three month window to finish your manuscript, edit, design, and publish your new book.

Often a second or third book release will also stimulate sales of previous books; boosting your ratings on amazon and creating buzz. Remember . . . people love referrals. We love hearing how someone else felt about a product or service. It encourages us to feel; we too want that item or service. Regardless if you are releasing a second or third book, any author, at any time can choose to market for success.

Written By: Raja Williams




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