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Phoenix in flames --- Image by © 2/New Vision Technologies Inc/Ocean/Corbis

Sitting on the ashes of my former self,
I am the phoenix risen from the flames of self-destruction.
The avenger of all the mistakes I’ve made.
Determination is all I possess.
A heart full of pain and a soul emptied,
I look up to the stars and declare my independence.
Nothing will hold me back from attaining my goals.
Desire is the fire that burns within me.
My dreams are hues on the pallet of my existence.
I will not endure another minute of listless survival.
I will shine through the darkness like the supernova
that I am,
collapsing into myself again and again
just to prove myself worthy.
There will be no roses,
no angels singing,
just the sound of my voice,
as I soar above the clouds and into eternal light

© Adam Levon Brown

Except from the book “Musings of a Madman”

Now Available At:

Photo Credit: © 2/New Vision Technologies Inc/Ocean/Corbis

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