Child Abuse

Person Protecting Self From Assailant, Close-up, B&w --- Image by © Laurent Hamels/PhotoAlto/Corbis

© Laurent Hamels/PhotoAlto/Corbis

Screams banging
Children crying
Time takes a while to heal
A child’s pain
Whom do they run to?
Who will speak up for them?
When they are hurting
Where to run
Where is their refuge?
Where is their safety?

There is a cry next door
I have heard it before
It is a shrill
It is loud then it faints
Should I or should I not
There is older men visiting that child
Who will tell?

That child has scars
There are secrets untold
They not bold enough to tell
That child has broken bones
Shall we report? On the other hand, keep silent!

I, a child once
I will not be fearful
Silence is not my defense
I fear no one
I fear no man
I am I radical

I am an advocate
Children everywhere who are raped,
Molested and beaten
There will be a time of confession
Time of tribulation
Poets causing a revolution
Writing the stories untold
Telling them bold
In addition, we say NO MORE.

© Christena AV Williams

Excerpt from the book “Divided Lines”

Photo Credit: © Laurent Hamels/PhotoAlto/Corbis

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