In the Moment

Man Kissing a WomanIn the Moment

In moments of silence
I remember your whispers in my ear

Feeling the warmth of your words
Upon the release of your spoken breath

In moments of reflection
I remember your touch

How the rhythm of your hands
Flowed to your poetry whispered in my ear

In moments of pleasure
I remember your feel

Lifting me to a higher vibration
There was no time for poetic contemplation

In the moment
I was free

I let you see the authentic me
The release of my destiny

If only for a moment, you loved me.

© Raja Williams

Excerpt from The Journey Along The Way

Photo Credit: © Hans Neleman/Corbis

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4 replies

  1. A beautiful, captivating piece.


  2. I loved it.
    So beautiful, open and honest.


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