The Inferno

Inferno in reedbeds, South Africa

The Inferno

With every perilous stroke of time,
Life continues its run

In the gloomy woods,
Deep down inside,
a mysterious nova beckons the spirit
And accelerates the motion

The nights go on
Bathing in the glistening twilight,
Gazing the scintillating stars
Jumbled in the dark….

Days as well
Lost in the black,
Yet with hopes for the golden serendipity;
Where thoughts take wings
to fly above the clouds of abomination.

Instinct rolls turbulent
with the blazing wheel of fortune,
Flaming saber in one’s eyes,
Finding way through the abandoned boulevard of courage

An unfathomable zeal but dormant,
An invincible incandescence but hidden,
A sparkling exhilaration but inside
that ignites us and leads
to the ultimate triumph…

It impels,
and stimulates the adrenaline,

We all have that invulnerable FIRE
We all have that indestructible INFERNO!

© Hrishikesh Padhye

Excerpt from his book “Echoes And Consequences”

Now Available for Purchase $13.95
• Also available on by Title

Photo Credit: © Richard du Toit/Corbis

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