Writer Highlight Featuring: Uzoma Ezeson


Writer Highlight Featuring: Uzoma Ezeson

It is a new day. Another day to go to her demanding, monotonous job of a sales manager. She’s beginning to think she made a wrong career choice. She should have fulfilled her childhood dream of being a fashion designer, or at least a model. Anyways, it’s not too late. She’s the outgoing, daring type and a box of cubicle is the last place she should be in. She doesn’t even want to think of Phil, she might break down again.

Watching the rays of early morning sun stream lazily into her apartment through her bedroom window, Adah wonders if today will be any different. Will something exciting happen to her today? Will she get accepted into the fashion academy? Will her Ex-boyfriend come back to her and confess that he regrets leaving her or will she get to meet a dashing, handsome man who will fulfill her all wild cravings?

What a dull way to start a beautiful day! She murmurs to herself, letting out a long sigh as she gloomily rolls on her comfy bed.

© Uzoma Ezeson

Response to our Inspiration Call on January 15th 2015

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