Introducing Author Nolan P. Holloway “Journey To The Poetic Light”

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Introducing Author Nolan P. Holloway “Journey To The Poetic Light”

Preface . . . I enjoy the sun and the warmth it brings. As I continued to write poems a theme emerged. After my first book, “Into My Rotation, a Collection of Scribes” my writing continued. After some time I began thinking about the next project. Light gives me energy and a zest for life. My scribes spoke to me as to who I am. Light exposes all, nothing can be hidden from yourself. Each poem I scribed illuminated a part of me. Therefore light became the theme to join all the poetry together. So simply put, this book is an expression of who I see myself as and the man I continue to grow into even at this stage of my life.

Excerpt from his Poetry Book . . .

Summer is Fine

The city buzzing with the vibe
Alive-pulling energy from the people all around
Then I peep her gliding towards me
Beauty radiates around her
Hips swaying like city traffic
Legs- long as city blocks
Hands delicate and soft-but hard enough to move Winter
She’s thick-just my type
Heat makes me lose my jacket
Her countenance moves from sunrise to sunset
Bright and radioactive
My skin pulsates
The silhouette of her body reminds me of the city skyline against the evening sky
This is the time she struts her stuff
Her name is Summer and she motivates and captivates to come out and flirt for another season

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