Shining The Spotlight On Cori Devilleaux: His Place in the Universe

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His Place in the Universe

The fellow sits with pen and pencil in hand,
He sits beside sketches so life like and detailed
He is an artist, a creative man,
At first glance one may think in life he has failed,
Or that he has a distaste for labor or working hard,
Do not judge this book by it’s cover,
This fellow knows his path,
From the deck of life he has found his card,
It is art that is his dearest lover,
Would that everyone like him could find their place,
And like him would know life’s sweetest taste,
Passion from his heart is his strongest drive,
It is creating art that makes his heart thump in his chest,
Love for beauty and meaning makes him feel alive,
His love for it keeps him motivated, he requires little rest,
Without him the world is quite cold and drab,
It is happiness and fulfillment he would have,
To be anything other than an artist for him would be perverse,
As one who creates is how through this life he shall traverse,
For you see, he may look melancholy,
But truth is,
He has found his place in the universe.

© deVillieaux

Featured Writer at “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”

Photo Credit: © Donna J. Sanders

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  1. Such a talented writer! Love his work 🙂


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