A Poets Dream


Excerpt from our book “Unleashed”

A Poets Dream

The poet sits all alone
on the floor
in a room
of his home
With pen and pad
Written poem
Box of writes
All he has to show
He writes of love
And pretty things
Of God above
And freedom rings
Push and shove
And dents and dings
With no one to lift him up
Alone he sings
They say his writes
Ain’t that good
But his mind won’t quiet
And his heart still floods
He has to write
It’s in his blood
His dreams to publish
He set them down
His lips only wear
A saddened frown
Until one day
While writing in the park
A stranger asked of him
Is this seat beside you
A seat that’s takin
He said no
Help yourself
And continued on
With his pen of felt
The stranger eyes
Glance for a peek
To see what was written
In blackened ink
The poet caught her
Out the corner
Of his eye
He tried to cover
Tried to hide
Stranger asks softly
May I please
Finish the read
What I read
spoke to me
Reluctant poet
With shy approval
Handed over his write
And said don’t be cruel
She assured him
she would not
She took his pad
And began from the top
He watched her eyes
as they twitched
And silent reading
Of her lips
And then a teardrop
rolled down her cheek
Which followed her smile
and brought sweet relief
She threw her arms
around his neck
and squeezed him
Really tight
Stranger now
a sobbing wreck
Told the poet why
I’m sick and dying
From the cancer
I’ve been praying to God
For an answer
Shall I just give up
Or stand and fight
I saw the answer
In your write
I will stand
And I will fight
She walked away
New step in stride
The poet filled
With new love inside
Right then and there
He did decide
He would pursue
His dream set aside
If he could lift up
Even one more soul
He would fill he purpose
And be made whole.

© Billy Charles Root

Unleashed Now Available At: www.ctupublishinggroup.com/starving-artist-fund.html

100% of all proceeds from this book are being donated to the “Starving Artist Fund” to assist writers in becoming published authors.

Photo Credit: Royalty free photo from morguefile

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  1. That was very beautiful, and inspiring a beautiful take on why we who write, write.


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