Broken Mirrors

Shards of glass hold fragmented images While unclaimed darkness lurking in the shadows Waits to cast judgments upon our rejected and disowned image False projections cast reflections of unworthiness Disclaiming our own greatness With fear and self-doubt Unconsciously looking in… Read More ›


Darkness un-shown Cocoon my home No place to roam Alone In the lack of light Struggles and fights Through many unknown days and nights I had no idea that one day I would take flight To the highest of heights… Read More ›


Have you ever sat still and felt Tingles BURSTING up your sternum, Choking you with surprise As the memory of that somebody Seeps into your mind? Do you blush at the thought of The touch he gave And the responding… Read More ›

Are We Done

With horror and war master king and lord dog eat dog for more race caste and class that leave some of us last religious righteous stand nation colored flags walls great and long boarders spiked with thorn history again and… Read More ›