IX, Fading Dream


Excerpt from “Path To Serenity” by Author Isaiah Barber

IX, Fading Dream

In my dream, there were marvelous wonders all around me. I never wanted to leave the dream of passion because in it, there was a girl who loved all of me. I felt warm inside, peace at mind, and a love ever so kind. This face of mine began to shine.

We would sit beside a soothing river, she was my healer, when she would cry I lent her my shoulder, and there was never any stormy weather. But, eventually the storm came and the dream began to fade. The happiness I felt turned to sadness, madness came due to the darkness, and now there is a kiss that I shall miss.

Dreams are good because they give us strength to carry on. To move forward without a dream is to not know why you’re here, or why one pursues anything in their life. This dream of passion was the dream that gave me since of purpose. But now, it is a fading dream. Will I ever find it again, to feel closer to heaven with a wonderful maiden? Only time will tell, but until that day I shall simply be… me

© Isaiah Barber

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