Man and Wife


Man and Wife

For the eighteen years of my life,
Walk eighteen steps-
Towards me, my love!
As my Man and me your wife.
Although there was no red dress
Nor a ceremony!
There was love, lover and harmony!
Although there were no celebration,
No decoration
There was your smile and my elation.
Although there was no fabled art of collection,
There were my eyes and your vision.
Although there was no crowd nor kinsmen,
There was the fire of love,
The blessing of GOD
The enchanting of azure winds
and our essence-embroiling
Penetrating, deep like the rays of the Sun!
To crown us for eternity.
For the eternal years of my life-
Walk with me, my love!
As my Man
and me your wife.

© Disha Dinesh Sahni

Published by Creative Talents Unleashed

Meet the Author: I am Disha Dinesh Sahni from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh , India. I am pursuing engineering in industrial and production from Jabalpur engineering college. I have been publishing my works in various magazines and newspaper in India and abroad. I am also a member of Keynotes poets and writers in Sacramento, California.

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