About the Author: Meet Tiffany Simone

Tiffany Simone

About the Author

Tiffany Simone

Creative Talents Unleashed is both thrilled and honored to announce the upcoming release of Butterflies & Skin by Author Tiffany Simone.


Tiffany Simone is a Chicago-based author and the divorced mother of two beautiful and creative children.  She has been writing primarily on social media since 2014, where she creates her unique blend of sexual sweetness as Dirty Sweet Poetry.


Tiffany has amassed a large following, and now brings that same passion for sensuality and love to her first book, ‘Butterflies and Skin’. Tiffany hopes to grow and evolve in her love, and her writing, while passionately pursuing her own Dirty and Sweet storybook ending.

~ John Hunley

Butterflies & Skin Foreword …

In this remarkably passionate collection of poetic musings, Tiffany Simone takes us on a thrilling roller coaster ride of emotions; ranging from love, desire, romance, lust, despair, hope, vulnerability, and everything in-between.

She is a master at getting to the core of your emotions in such a way that she is inside your head rummaging around in your feelings.  She weaves your innermost thoughts into her decadent and sensual poetry, filling you with sensations of love, longing, and passion.

Simone’s words provide comfort for the hopeless romantic in you, knowing you are not alone in your feelings. Her words are beautifully heartfelt, and transform the ordinary into sheer magic!


N.R. Hart, Author of Poetry and Pearls

Butterflies & Skin

Available May 31st, 2017

Visit Tiffany’s Author Page To Order Your Copy Today!



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