Oklahoma Sunset


Excerpt from “Pressing On” by Author Billy Charles Root

Oklahoma Sunset

Round about supper time
In the plains of Oklahoma
Sittin on the front porch you’ll find
The sun sinking over Lahoma

If you watch for a little while
You’ll see the sky paint start to streak
In an Indian sunset style
And speechless words will you speak

In colors that have not names
In ways of godly beauty
In a symphony of kingly reign
The sky paints start their dueling

Imagine if you will
Just close your eyes for a moment
Just over a hill
A summer evening sonnet

Faint powder blue back drop sky
Fiery yellow center piece
And a few see through clouds passing by
As the sun slowly descends in retreat

The see through clouds turn a cotton candy pink
And the horizon sifts orangish yellowish purplish gold
In patterns to never repeat
Each one leaves a broken mold

Separately together and togetherly separate
The colors are one and apart
There is no everlasting imprint
From this natural beauty of art

Yet another reason to live for today
Each day and sunset are one of a kind
So let us do well to others and watch what we say
Because like every sunset we each only have so much time

So if you’re ever passing through the plains of Oklahoma
Round about supper time
And you’d like to see
An Indian sunset over Lahoma
Meet me on the front porch
And spend some time
I promise you won’t be displeased.

© Billy Charles Root

Photo: © Billy Charles Root

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  1. Beautiful poem about a sunset seen with the eyes of the soul!


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