Inspiration Call: Week 10 March 2020 Writing Prompts

Are you new to the writing world or just a seasoned writer looking for inspiration? Do you want to have your poem featured to get your name out there? Maybe you love to read poetry and are looking for some fresh authors to try out. Then join the Creative Talents Unleashed family, and find all this and more. It is a site put together by writers who love the craft, and we love to endorse any writer who has a passion for writing.

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March 2020 – Week 10 Writing Prompts

Monday March 2, 2020 Writing Prompt

Inspiration Call: Micropoetry Monday

use this picture as inspiration for a micro poem (a short poem with no particular rules).

Tuesday March 3, 2020 Writing Prompt

Inspiration Call: * Timed Writing *

Choose a set time to write, 5 −7 minutes serves well. Set a timer, watch the clock. Stop writing when the time is up, even in the middle of a sentence. In timed writing, you write for a short, prescribed period of time. The purpose of timed writing is to prime the creative pump: shortening writing time makes sure you have more to say than time to say it. The frustration of stopping creates the impetus to write more. You become more interested in the ideas and thoughts you want to put down and less self-conscious about the times it’s taking to write. This exercise also helps develop confidence and establishes creative tension.

Writing tip from: Life’s Companion Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest By: Christina Baldwin

Wednesday March 4, 2020 Writing Prompt

Inspiration Call: Word Prompt Wednesday: Mental Health or any of the words pictured.

Use the word of the day in poetic or short story form.

Thursday March 5, 2020 Writing Prompt

Inspiration Call: Tanka Thursday

A Tanka is a Japanese poem and similar to a Haiku, however it has seven lines. Tankas are nature, seasons, love, and other emotions.  Line one has a five syllable count, line two is seven syllables, line three is five syllables, line four is seven syllables, and line five seven syllables. In total it has thirty one syllables.  It uses simile, metaphor, and personification.

The pattern for Tanka is the following:

Line 1: 5 syllables

Line 2: 7 syllables

Line 3: 5 syllables

Line 4: 7 syllables

Line 5: 7 syllables

Writing tip from: Writing Tips – Exploring The Writer’s Path

Friday March 6, 2020 Writing Prompt

Inspiration Call: Yard Sale Finds

One can find some strange things at a yard sale. Tell us about unusual items or even people you met at a yard sale. Did you ever get a great deal and find the item to be of value? Share some rare antique finds as well.

All photos provided by

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3 replies

  1. The Mermaid in the rain drops

    microscopic life
    all around us
    we don’t see them
    they see us

    the mermaids
    who live in the rain drops
    delight in watching
    us humans

    as the rain drops
    fall on our head
    the mermaids scream
    in delight and fear

    as they land on the shoulders
    of the monsters they think we are

    My Phobias Overwhelm Me

    lately I have become scared
    of everything
    the news scares me, the corona virus scares me, the presidential race scares me
    fears of gun men in the street, terrorism, fears of getting sick, fears of dogs
    fears of other people, fear of loosing money

    all these phobias overwhelm me
    time to walk away from my fears

    and realize
    it will be all right
    everything will be all right
    As long as I have you
    by my side



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