Author Jeffery Martin Releases New Poetry Book Titled “Colombian Fingerprints” Also Translated in Spanish

Author Jeffery Martin

Mr. Martin, a storyteller, has used stories to inspire classrooms and youth groups in both New York and California. While living in Rochester New York he founded the BEHOLD Theater group (he hopes to kick start this again) which introduced youth to various disciplines within the arts, ranging from Poetry to Fencing. Recently retired from the Los Angeles Unified School District he plans on taking poetry, drumming and storytelling on the road to reach a broader audience.

When Jeffery was asked where his writing comes from, he responded “Writing, for me, started in a dark space, a sad place. There were no dreams of distant lands or magical books. I wrote to heal, to convince myself that I could do more than “amount to nothing.” At first, the words were a blur. All the more so because of the tears that usually accompanied my writing. I was a young boy with a pencil trying desperately to figure out why I felt so alone. I had no answers or imaginary friends to quiz me on happiness, but I had writing. I stuck to it until it began to open things within me. Now here we are. Years of writing, years of experience meshed into now. My life is fuller everyday, not because I’ve been a few places or have seen a few things, but because writing opened me up so the world could speak to me…and that is where my poetry comes from.”

Check out Jeffery’s latest release “Colombian Fingerprints”

Jeffery Martin went to Colombia excited about the sights and sounds, but walked away more reflective about the place of his birth (the United States) and what that meant. Moved by the kindness he encountered certain walls within him melted away and poetry was born. In this new land he never once felt ostracized. There was no skin stigma or stereotype awaiting him in the streets or stores. Here, he was a man amongst other men living, laughing and falling in love with the soul of a wonderland called Colombia

Jeffery Martin fue a Colombia entusiasmado con las imágenes y los sonidos, pero se volvió más reflexivo sobre el lugar de su nacimiento (los Estados Unidos ) y lo que eso significaba. Movido por la amabilidad, encontró que ciertas paredes dentro de él se derritieron y nació la poesía. En esta nueva tierra nunca se sintió condenado al ostracismo. No había estigma ni estereotipo de piel esperándolo en las calles o tiendas. Aquí, él era un hombre entre otros hombres que vivía, reía y se enamoraba del alma de un país maravilloso llamado Colombia.

Colombian Fingerprints now available on amazon $15.00

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