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Inspiration Call: Write a letter telling someone how they have inspired you and changed your life.

Publishing opportunity details for this writing prompt can be found at Open Publishing Projects.

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  1. Dear World,


    Do you know the impact they really have?

    We get so busy with life and everyone uses words all day along, for their whole life.

    Some spoken
    Some written 
    Some typed
    Some sang
    Some screamed
    Some drawn
    Some painted 
    Some hung
    Some framed


    Just words or more?

    Think about it

    A simple “good morning” has the ability to brighten someone’s whole day

    A “thank you” might be the one thing that encourages someone to keep going , when they feel like they have failed 

    A “thinking of you” could be the message that breaks weeks of silence for someone 

    A “are you ok” might be the one thing that opens a line of communication that a friend desperately needs

    A “I hope you are doing well” could be the only encouraging words someone hears that day

    A “I’m here for you” could safe a life

    A “remember when” could produce a memory and laughter that replaces someones tears 

    A “congratulations” might be the response someone needed during their unspoken battles

    A “I’m so happy for you” might produce the courage someone was having difficulty finding in themselves 

    A “I appreciate you” could have just lifted the spirit of someone suffering in silence 

    A “I love you” that isn’t done out of routine, but truly in the moment is the kind of thing that makes our heart sing

    A “hi or hello” could be the only personal interaction someone has had in the years since their spouse passed away

    I could go on forever but I’ll just say.

    How are you
    I appreciate you
    I hope you are having a great day
    I’m happy for you
    Im here for you
    And congratulations on your accomplishments today!

    ♥️ me


  2. My world has been filled with a vast ocean of immense internal dialogue, unknown to me until I was a student in Mr. O’Neal’s freshmen History class. Being an athlete, I didn’t have much time or energy to divert to my studies – and my grades reflected mediocrity. Mr. O’Neal offered the class and extra credit project that would raise our final grade one entire letter. This was my chance to bring home a potential B! I was thrilled at the prospect.

    Sounds easy, right? Well, there was one catch; the project required us to answer 100 questions that delved into our personal philosophy. These questions had to reflect truth about ourselves and had to be detailed and expansive. Superficial responses wouldn’t count and would disqualify us completely. What did I know about my personal philosophy, I was a freshman?

    Undaunted, I bought myself a new spiral notebook and got down to business. Through the process, I learned that I had a voice that spoke of things in a very deep and philosophical tone. I discovered a reservoir of knowledge and understanding upon which I had never drawn. I often wondered how I could possibly have these developed thoughts… where were these answers coming from? It’s not like my family sat at the dinner table and talked about deep issues. In fact, I often ate dinner by myself because I would come home late in the evening after working out.

    And from that moment emerged the Thinker and the Observer of Life. Were it never for my mediocrity, I might never have discovered my ‘genius.’ I don’t speak to a Mensa Genius, but I speak to the word coined by Michael Meade who simply states we each have something valuable to contribute to this world and it’s unique and needed. In fact, the genius in each one of us belongs only to us … we are all each valuable treasures with gifts the world needs to continue growing.

    From that point forward, words began flowing and all my English vocabulary lessons began to surface and string together this eloquent stream of insight. I wouldn’t begin writing poetry in earnestness until after my Mother passed away. In that instant, my world literally crumbled and I lost all insight into who I was as a person. My Mother was that instrumental in my life, I was pretty shy my entire life and she believed in me more than I knew how to believe in myself. When she died, an important tether was severed, and I was lost. In my sorrow, I slowly began to write poetry in a FB Grieving Group and then words began to flow again.

    Through the years, I’ve attempted to find Mr. O’Neal and thank him for his contribution to my personal development. I’ve never been able to find him. I always wondered what he must have thought when he read my answers. Some of my answers were really ‘out there’ and I knew it, but he did say to be honest … and I was.

    So in the closing of this letter to you, Mr. O’Neal, you will never know how you opened my world by opening my mind … and for this, I will be eternally grateful.

    @2019 Baidha Fercoq All Rights Reserved


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