Inspiration Call: Sibling Stories

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Inspiration Call: Write a story or poem that focuses on the relationship between siblings.

Publishing opportunity details for this writing prompt can be found at Open Publishing Projects.

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  1. Did you know
    You are never alone
    Despite the days, weeks, months or years that pass
    In my heart, my thoughts and my prayers
    I am here

    Did you know
    Not time, nor distance, or the words unspoken
    Could ever take away the bond we share
    That kind of unconditional love doesn’t get broken
    I am here

    Did you know
    The pain, the heartache, and sense of never belonging
    Forever stealing the joy of most days
    We are both broken just in different ways
    I am here

    Did you know
    That hopeless feeling, the endless running and the demons that encase us
    All just a quiet moment away
    I know who you are because I am the same
    I am here

    Did you know
    The childhood memories I hold near
    They all include you
    You were the light on some of my darkest days
    You are my Bubba
    And I am still here



  2. Words that speak of the bond , that is between you & your Little Brother.
    Words of love, words unspoken.
    I truly want to see you both happy, letting going of things that are not within your power change.
    Live forward to the future , not backwards in the past.

    Someone once told me, in order to live in the present, we have to stop living in our past. We control our future.
    Love Ya both..


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