Inspiration Call: Micropoetry Monday

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Inspiration Call: Micropoetry Monday – use this picture as inspiration for a micro poem (a short poem with no particular rules).

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  1. Hours, days, weeks
    Your absence
    Captured by a memory



  2. maria
    the robot is hiding
    from the human mobs
    who are on the warpath

    against the robots
    who have begun
    taking over the world

    she is perfect
    designed to be super human

    and she is the first robot
    to have committed the sin
    of falling in love
    with a human

    and for that crime
    she is being hunted
    to the ends of the world
    hiding out

    in a cabin
    on the edge
    of the world

    hiding from the wrath
    of those
    who believe
    that they are following
    God’s wrath

    all non human robots
    must die
    they scream
    as they scour the world

    looking for robots
    who look like us
    talk like us
    and even make love
    like us

    but are not us
    because they are perfect
    more intelligent
    more compassionate
    and totally alien

    yes all robots must die
    and Maria knows
    she and her kind
    will soon be gone

    but will humanity
    be able to survive
    with out the supervision
    of a superior species

    to that she has no answer
    she waits for the end times
    to come knocking
    at her door


  3. She waits patiently
    The breeze fresh upon her brow
    When shall her love return?
    She craves caresses even now.


  4. Window

    Morning light.
    I look out the window,
    searching for answers
    on unpeopled streets,
    wistful like a grounded teen,
    or a call girl waiting for her ride.

    It is too early for turbulence,
    from which I vacation
    on the magic carpet
    of solitude and imagination.



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