Inspiration Call: Write about a unique first kiss



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Inspiration Call: Write about a unique first kiss.
Is it your main character’s first kiss ever, or just first kiss with this other person? Does the kiss happen organically, or is it “staged” What are the ages of the two kissers? Who initiates it? In addition to describing the situation, try to describe all of the senses—not just feel. How do the kissers’ breath smell? How do their mouths taste? Do either or both of them have their eyes open? As they kiss, what interesting things are they hearing?


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  1. An accidental meeting, spurred by a bump in a crowded night club

    She had seen him throughout the night

    But he spotted her as soon as he walked in

    In the crowded hustle and bustle of people laughing, drinking and dancing, she stood out to him
    A beauty in a white tank and blue jeans
    The smile that flashed across her face invited him in immediately

    She was engrossed in her friends, cocktails and didn’t notice immediately
    She was surrounded by guys and a couple of ladies
    He thought to himself, she is taken but she wasn’t

    Captivated by her
    He made his way to the back bar for a beer
    Settling on a seat close to the dance floor across from her
    He had to see more of her
    He didn’t know what it was but she struck him and he was drawn in completely
    Everyone else faded in the distance
    Attempting to remain cool and not creepy, he socialized but always kept an eye on her location
    He couldn’t help it
    Completely mesmerized by her presence and unapologetic personality

    She noticed him at this point and was drawn to him as well
    Being the fun loving silly girl she is, she grabbed her best friend and headed for the dance floor
    The floor had ample room to dance as it was deserted at that point but she was bold and unafraid
    She casually walked over near him, settling within arms reach of him
    She laughed, and danced Knowing all the while, he was right there watching
    She knew he was close enough to smell her sunny citrus and vanilla perfume
    It was her signature scent
    And left a lasting impression on those around her
    Spinning around effortlessly at one point she intentionally landed facing him, her glaze searching for his eyes
    She found them and he looked up at her and smiled
    That moment the world stopped, the music faded, the people disappeared and for a few seconds, it was just her and him
    Feeling the weight of the moment and the alcohol induced trance she became embarrassed and turned away
    The song ended, she returned to her table and friends
    Thinking to herself, hmmm he must not be interested or he is taken since he did not oblige her obvious interest
    She was wrong

    The drinks were flowing
    Fun was being had
    She was lost in her world
    She glanced to were he had been sitting most of the night but he was no longer sitting, across from her
    She sighed, and went on about her night

    He was still just as intrigued and lost in her, however he had relocated to a different spot at the bar with some friends
    He was laughing and carrying on with some friends when he felt a bump in his side
    There was plenty of space around him so he spun around wondering what was going on
    It was her
    The one he had be captivated by since his arrival
    No words were available to him
    Like not a peep would leave his lips
    She however had a few words for him, “How are you going to watch me all night and not have the balls to come ask me to dance?”
    He was dumbfounded
    Again his voice betrayed him. Nothing left his lips
    And she was gone
    Making her way to the door
    In an instant he decided, this one will not slip away from me
    He chased after her
    Tapped her on the shoulder, “Ma’am may I have this dance?”
    She laughed
    Her friend said no we are leaving, very sternly
    But she knew she had to dance with him, just once
    He led her to the dance floor
    They were immediately in their own world
    Music played in the background, as they were lost in each others embrace
    Stumbling over the electrical force connecting them
    Almost magical
    Their bodies
    Their minds
    Suddenly the song came to an end
    They left the dance floor
    His arm across her waist, guiding her and maybe the last embrace in his mind
    They chatted briefly
    Exchanging pleasantries and introductions
    Her friend suddenly cast a damper on their moment, “It’s time to go”
    She was intoxicated by the drinks and also by him
    Goodbye, she said, with a little smile and wave
    He turned to walk away but something struck him deeply inside, a voice of sorts, do not let her walk away without having a way to contact her
    He once again hurriedly turned to catch up with her
    He managed to reach her right before she walked out
    “Let me get your phone number” he requested
    She replied, “I don’t give out my number, sorry”
    Here give me yours, so he got a napkin from the bar and a pen from the bartender and started writing down his number but it struck him, she will not call me, I can tell she is too intoxicated to even remember me
    He firmly stated, “I need your phone number”
    She was shocked at his intensity and kind of aroused by it, so she complied
    A couple days later she received a call but didn’t answer
    There was a voicemail, from a guy she didn’t remember
    She immediately phoned her best friend, hoping to gain insight but with luck she ignored the message and him
    The next day she was alone, bored and the phone rang, without thinking she answered it immediately
    It was him
    They chatted for a while before hanging up
    She made one request during that call, text me a picture please
    He agreed
    The picture popped up and her mind was still blank
    They chatted again the next day for hours
    Conversation just came easy for them
    No empty lulls
    No awkward silence
    Just talking about life and learning about each others stories and experiences
    This happened daily for a few weeks
    They talked for hours
    Getting to know each other
    Hearing the strength and struggles of each others lives
    He repeatedly asked to see her, to take her out on a date and she denied him each time
    This was all new to her, the dating scene and she was not one to trust anyone but he understood and continued their daily phone calls
    Calls that drained fully charged batteries
    Calls that spurred interest
    Calls that created excitement
    Calls that were dropped because battery died and hurried charges prompted a call back
    Tethered phones plugged in so conversations wouldn’t end abruptly
    Finally after a few weeks she decided she was ready to meet him in person
    Since their first meeting was a blur, thanks to the lively spirits served to her at the bar
    She got home from work and called him
    Nervously she said, “Do you want to come over to my apartment tonight and play poker with me and some friends?”
    She anxiously waited his reply
    “Sure, I can make that happen” he stated, trying to play down his nervous excitement
    So there it was
    A first date
    She was anxious but immediately focused on, what will I wear?!
    The next couple of hours, she must have tried on 15 outfits searching for that perfect one, so much in fact she was exhausted and now sweaty
    Makeup running, hair now piled up on her head, she collapsed on the bed
    Time for a pep talk, ok you got this, you know him, he already saw you dishevelled at a bar, clearly you are in better place and he has proven that over and over with the long phone calls, little sleep and his acceptance to come over
    “Okay, I am beautiful woman with great personality, he would be lucky to have me!” She said outloud to herself
    So now empowered, she grabbed a little gray causal dress, touched up her makeup, took her hair down and cranked down the air conditioner
    As she is finishing up, he calls to let her know he is almost there
    Panic sets in
    Oh my gosh
    I’m not ready for this
    Before she could internally freak out any further, he calls to ask which side of the apartment complex she is on
    She walks out to her balcony, and sees him drive by slowly, her heart stops
    Then accelerated so quickly, she thought she was surely about to pass out
    But he parked and looked up at her and she again mustered up enough courage to walk back in from the balcony to her apartment and out the front door
    She lived on 3rd floor so she had a moment to prepare herself
    She could hear his boots coming up the stairs
    Inching closer to her
    And then, there he was
    He walked up, said hi
    She smiled
    He went in to give her a big hug
    And that’s when it happened
    Without planning she leaned in and gave him a huge kiss
    She pulled back to look at him
    They were both in shock at what just happened
    He stepped back away from her, as if to catch himself falling
    She finally spoke, “I just wanted to get that out of the way so it wouldn’t be awkward later”
    They both giggled
    He was in shock still as she invited him in
    The rest of the night was great
    She just had to get that first kiss out of the way



  2. Most Unique First Kiss

    my most unique first kiss was when I first kissed my soon to be wife in a public bar in Itaewon Korea. We had just signed the paperwork and were now legally married and went to Itaewon the western entertainment district to have a drink in a bar. In those days there were few western-style bars. Itaewon near the army base had most of them in town. And there were few places where it was socially okay to kiss a girl in public again Itaewon was the exception. In those days PDA between men and women was sort of taboo. Certainly kissing in public was a big no-no.

    we went to the bar and began french kissing and making out. the owner asked us to leave. We said we had just gotten married and he laughed and said find a room but you can’t make out here.


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