Inspiration Call: Flash Fiction Friday


Inspiration Call: Flash Fiction Friday

Write a flash fiction piece (short story, prose, poetry up to 1000 words)

Publishing opportunity details for this writing prompt can be found at Open Publishing Projects.

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  1. Let Loose the Horses of the Pending Armageddon

    let loose the horses
    of the pending Armageddon
    the four horses of the apocalypse
    they are ready to ride

    the first one ready
    is the white pegasus
    cholima horse of the far east
    ready to ride into the future

    spreading hate and despair
    as it rides through the world

    the second is chaos
    black horse
    black rider
    black hearts

    the third is pestilence
    plague, disease
    killing all he encounters
    in his escape from hell

    and the last
    the most evil of all
    is war the bringer of death
    the ends of worlds

    let loose the horses
    their time has come
    the end of the world
    is waiting for their cosmic ride


  2. The story is yours
    The earth feeds your strength
    Charging ahead to your destiny
    Let go of the reigns
    Open your mind
    Be free to gallop
    Pave your path
    Carve out your dreams
    Be unapologetically true to yourself
    Lead the pack
    Tackle your fears
    Let the words guide you
    Believe you can
    And then dig in and live, instead of surviving
    Encased is the opportunity
    Your mind is the key



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