Poetic Marinade by Donna J. Sanders


Use a potent elixir

for my flesh is fortified

with fibrous intellect


balance the brine

with more than a few pinches

of saline respect


to be seasoned well

pour those herbs and spices

so that I can bathe

in the ambrosial sea

meant to be

my poetic marinade


© Donna J. Sanders

Donna Sanders Cover

Excerpt from the book “Devour Me”

$9.95 plus shipping. Now available at CTU Publishing Group and Amazon.com


About the Author

Donna is a freelance writer and blogger in West Palm Beach, FL. She is the author of Ataraxia – a poetry collection about the struggles we face, the state of the world and how to see beauty in the simplest things, and Cardboard Signspoems to bring awareness about homelessness, mental illness, self-esteem and the injustices many face and Devour Me – a savory collection of food poetry and recipes.


Visit Donna’s Author Page At: www.ctupublishinggroup.com/donna-j.-sanders.htm

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1 reply

  1. Phenomenal artistry
    You give inspiration
    Encouragements to all
    That view & read
    Your poetry writing
    Tips, etc.


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