All, Everything & More by L.J. Diaz

I thought knowing I had given it my everything, tried my hardest, prayed my most sincerely; I thought that knowing this I would sleep easy at night. But I can’t. I think it’s because I still don’t know why you gave up on us. All this time I’ve been looking to myself for the answers and putting everything on my shoulders. I was wrong. And you were foul. I should have knocked down your door, given you no choice but to be in this together, to make these heart-wrenching decisions with me. I shouldn’t have been left, trying to mend our frayed bond, by myself. I shouldn’t be going through this mess alone. I needed you to be there when I couldn’t find you anywhere. I can’t burn this bridge without you, so put a lighted match between my fingertips and watch me throw it. I swear I’ll make you proud of me, if only for a flickering moment. And I wonder if this will ever be over. And if it ever is, what did I fight so hard for? But that’s enough now, I need to stop all this. I know I’ll regret it forever, but I think I can accept it. In time you’ll regret it all, everything and more. And I hope I will have forgiven you by then.

© L. J. Diaz

catching snowflakes

Excerpt from the book “Catching Snowflakes”

$12.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and

Laura Diaz

About the Author

Laura is thirty-something and was born and raised in a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ village in rural England, UK. She emigrated to the USA a little over two years ago, married the love of her life in her dream Las Vegas wedding, and now resides in Los Angeles, California with her husband, in a little shack by the beach.

 Laura believes that animals have the best souls, and dreams of a day where extinction is extinct. She hates suffering of any kind and is a gentle soul. She is the oldest child she knows and still believes in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. She is yet to stroke a unicorn, talk with a mermaid, and hunt for vampires, but these things are on her bucket list. Laura has faith in the power of prayer, is convinced that tiny miracles happen countless times a day and believes in magic. She finds witchcraft intriguing and would like to bottle sunshine to cure gloomy days. She is a compulsive bookworm and will not leave the house without her kindle.

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