The Passion Flower by Mark Andrew Heathcote

She wore a leafy sash, still treasuring

The Passion Flower, which entwined her heart

It bore fruit of the vine, long-festering

Deeply did its memory, its sharpened dart-

Cut her daily, and still bleeds fresh pricked blood

It waxes and wanes and tears of agony flood.


She wore a leafy sash, that’s withering

Across her bosom, hoping a blossom

Rancid-white will open, be slithering

Worm its way back into her, lost gardens.

How any pain raw is sadly prolonging

Each day, when the new sun comes gawking.


She wore a leafy sash cobweb gathered

And look to the moon for some bleak solace

It’s here in those purple shadows, tankard

Drunk to her heart’s content she sees garnets

Seeds of red pomegranate but none, like you

Grow in her heart and leave its residue.


© Mark Andrew Heathcote

Back on Earth

Excerpt from the book Back on Earth

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MarkAbout the Author

Mr. Mark Andrew Heathcote is the author of In Perpetuity his debut book of poems published in June 2016 by Creative Talents Unleashed.

Marks first book was well received earning him favourable reviews. This being, his second book, Mark, hopes to build on that good reputation and establish his own, brand of poetry.

Mark is a father of five children, and lives and works in the UK. Mark resides in Manchester where he works as an adult learning difficulties support worker and he spends his free time gardening and writing poetry.

Visit Marks Author Page At:

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