Pay Attention by Veronica Thornton


The ultimate wordplay projected in

the way laws are written today and back in the day

thousands of laws to read globally

even in your own municipality

do you understand what all the grey means

all the lines that are in between

For example the word Majority

defined by Merriam-Webster’s dictionary

clearly states the quality or state of being greater

same dictionary states that Minority means lesser than

a part of the population

whose characteristics are different than others

and may be subjected to differential treatment

which is exactly what is present

what is seen as the majority mentally means superiority

the minority is in a position of inferiority

now logically this makes no sense to me

because in reality all the so called minorities came from

the same ancestry and positioned strategically globally

but we are labeled strategically for inferiority

so that there are no signs of royalty

nor recognizing of the true majority

while the real minority the ruling majority

has been controlling the majority

and keeps cycling the same problems

to keep the power of superiority

which is inferior to me mentally

and doesn’t fit into my philosophy

but they play with the words to insure an inferior mentality

claiming to be minority is unbecoming of royalty

and an insult to my ancestry

it doesn’t matter what they put in front of me visually

I am part of the majority because in reality

we created history

and the minority infiltrated cultures

with their feelings of superiority

psychological warfare is how they claimed majority

their statistics are so divided yet really simplistic

look how many boxes are on any government checklist

and you can see how they make themselves seem fantastic

but it’s all in the way the words play

maybe some will pay attention

if I played with the words in the majority’s way.


© Veronica Thornton

Vee Cover

Excerpt from the book “Universal Colloquies Inside of Me”

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About the Author

Veronica Thornton a.k.a. Vee was always gifted with the art of verbal and written communication although she was never a big talker yet quite the observer and listener.

Vee currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio is a survivor of domestic violence and mother of two. In her youth she wrote notes to herself and others when she could not verbalize what she was feeling. Many thought her writings to be poetic and inspiring in nature. Her empathetic feelings caused her to keep writing later in life as a way to release all the emotions and questions that were presented to her that otherwise remained nonverbal. While most of her writings remained private it was during her educational pursuits Vee was strongly encouraged to pursue a writing career due to her versatility in topics, styles and ability to articulate her thoughts in a clear, creative yet relatable manner.

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