Inspiration Call: Symbolic Animal Thursday



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Inspiration Call: Symbolic Animal Thursday

Write a story or a scene involving an animal that symbolizes something else. It can represent a concept, an experience, an emotion, a historical moment, or anything else you can think of.

Publishing Opportunity: At the end of every year we will publish an anthology using our daily inspiration calls. Want to participate? Simply write your interpretation of the photo that inspires you and share it in the comment section of the original post right here on our blog. You will be notified here also, should your work be chosen for inclusion in the publication. We donate 100% of all proceeds from our anthologies to the Starving Artist Fund. For more details visit our site.

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  1. He is but a fearless wolf, the Alpha among his pack.
    His captivating eyes burn deep, to the soul.
    His tongue, so smooth, when he speaks.
    He stands, gazing greedily with rabid appearing drool cascading from his chin, anticipating his moment to strike.
    He lures her in with his advances, then casts her away with his rage.
    The wolf preys upon her innocence, tossing her about like an unsuspecting meal in the wild.
    She surrenders to his charm and is consumed by his endeavor.
    His keen teeth puncture her heart, leaving her scarred and perplexed as she resumes her journey.
    Broken and alone, she trudges ahead unable to make sense of the occurrence .
    For the wolf that resembles the endearing pup, will assuredly rip and shred at the pure leaving behind utter chaos and defeat.


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