Featured Writer: Ginger Cochran

My Temporary Existence



My reflection seems ghostly and hollow

Through the window of the room.

My memories are shadows,

But there’s no impending doom.


The rain tricks my mind

Gentle drops are amplified.

I then remember my life

And all the things I tried.


I smile at the grass and simple things

The quiet hum of the sky.

I laugh over all the struggles

That’ll happen when you die.


I tread through the mist

And meet those of the past

I remember less of turmoil

And only peace at last.


I now know what was right

And finally, what was true

That I was thankful everyday

I had my family and you.


This life had meaning

This lesson was taught

The dream was worth it

Every goal I had sought.


Now I live forever

Forgetting those who lied

I’ll continue on and on

My forever existence now to abide.


© Ginger Cochran

Ginger Cochran

About the Author

Ginger Cochran is an artist and emerging poet, residing in Denton Texas. She is currently working on her first poetry collection, Doorways, to be published in 2019. To read more of her prose, visit www.selflabeled.blogspot.com. To view her art work, please visit http://www.gingercochranart.com.

She is also the founder and director of Envision Arts, a premier contemporary & fine art collective, and editor for Envision Arts Magazine. To learn more please visit www.envisionartshow.com.

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  1. love it! congratulations Ginger you are an awesome artisr!


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