Featured Author: Jeffery Martin

Jeffery Martin

Mr. Martin, a storyteller, has also used stories to inspire classrooms and youth groups in both New York and California. While living in Rochester New York he founded the BEHOLD Theater group (he hopes to kick start this again) which introduced to youth to various disciplines within the arts, ranging from Poetry to Fencing. Recently retired from the Los Angeles Unified School District he plans on taking poetry, drumming and storytelling on the road to reach a broader audience. He is currently writing a film script with hopes of releasing it sometime in 2018. His most recent book “Jus Sayin’” released in June 2017 is a myriad of thoughts he has shared over social media over the past few years.

Here are a few excerpts from Jeffery’s  book Jus Sayin’


May 23, 2015

The longer I do this (live) the more I’m convinced you are not the car you drive or the neighborhood you live in. If you are not cool with that person in your mirror all else is a finely rehearsed act. See it all the time. Folks who ‘have’ something and want to make sure everyone knows. Sad. Chasing validation.

The blessing and curse of the writer I guess: we observe. These actors (of life) need something to distance them from others: color, status, neighborhood, powerful mate, influential parent, etc. etc. etc. News Flash! Being cool with that mirror is the only thing that matters if you ever want to experience what a real smile feels like. But I guess the appearance of smiling works for some. Yet, I can’t help but wonder if moments alone frighten and sadden them?


May 29, 2015

Yesterday I was approached by two well-dressed brothers. I knew it was going to be some religious talk. After introducing themselves it began, “We believe…” After listening as humbly as I could one asked me what my beliefs were. I said, “I believe that cat was brilliant.”

“Who Jesus?” they asked in unison.

“No. That dude who came up with the idea of religion.”

Now they’re looking at each other puzzled.

“Think about it fellas… has anything divided the planet more than religion? That cat was a genius.”

They closed their notebooks.

“Have a nice day sir” they said.

“You too” I replied.


June 16, 2015

Not dying one gray hair. There is a bit of knowledge in every one. A whole lot of life experiences that I’m grateful for. Many friends didn’t make it this far. Thanks to the universe for books, martial arts, meditation, struggle and folks who advised me along the way…enemies and angels.


June 19, 2015


When I accidentally found out about my biological Father (at 24) I was hurt at first. So many lies exposed. Then I felt the excitement of meeting the man responsible for my existence. My enthusiasm was met with indifference. My letters meant nothing. My phone calls meant nothing. What I had gone through meant nothing. His drugs and alcohol and other children held priority over me. On the outside, I was a warrior but on the inside, I cried for years. Then one day I realized the opportunity I had been given to be EVERYTHING to my children that my father refused to be for me.

I have done that for my children and countless other children over the years. I try to be a father figure to every child I meet. To me it’s part of growing wise and passing on what you learn. Using my own father as an excuse to be a mediocre father would’ve been a lame ass excuse to remain a boy in men’s clothing.


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