One Fill Away by Brenda-Lee Ranta


He still walked a tightrope to the moon,

holding the other end of the rope

with every careful step he took

Precariously balancing reality with

lost dreams of stardom; holding

fast to the rope, his drumsticks


Memories of the road, hippy houses,

pot smoking nights in seedy rooms;

still he loved the idea of it

Music, his first bride, replaced

now by the refuge of a woman;

guilt when he ignored the bride


He strummed his old guitar, played

his drums when the lust surfaced

A poet emerged, with new form

of expression, but always the

music filled his mind, his soul,

he played fills, he played hard


Forever the drummer, forever

the artist, the poet, the father,

the lover, the liberal, the man;

in Beatles t-shirts, frayed jeans,

drumsticks in his hand, he held

the tightrope, with a lighter grip


Just one fill away from the moon..


© Brenda-Lee Ranta


Excerpt from the book “Myriad of Perceptions”

$13.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and

brenda About the Author

Brenda-Lee Ranta resides in a small mining town, in Timmins, Ontario, Canada.  She has been employed with her local Police Service for 19 years. She shares her journey with her life partner, who is a musician, poet and lyricist; their rescue dog, Jake and rascal cat Fritz. She is the mother of three children, two step-children and three grandchildren.  They are her greatest pride and joy.

 Always moved by poetry and prose, she has been most inspired by the works of Leonard Cohen, an amazing Canadian word-smith. This is her first book containing a cross section of her works.

 Visit Brenda-Lee’s Author Page At:

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