Shades Of Blue by Lyne Beringer

I reach out into the darkness

Like a girl whose lost her sight

To touch you where you used to lie

Hold you one more night

Nothing can prepare you for

The stake slammed through the heart

You watch a person walk away

No chance at another start

All the words you’ve said to me

Describing who I am

I’m sure were meant for someone else

Are you not my biggest fan?

You take no responsibility

For the part that is your side

You tangle up the sentiment

Behind emotion where you hide

I’m left to wonder what the hell

You forgot to leave me clues

I never even stood a chance

Love got lost from me to you

All that’s left are pictures

In an album tucked away

On a shelf up in the closet

Where for now I’m sure they’ll stay

Back to darkness…..3am

I grab the pillow now unused

Wrap my arms around it tight

Just me in shades blues


©  Lyne Beringer


Excerpt from the book “Alaskan Vogue”

$11.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and

BeFunkyPhotoAbout the Author

I never thought the word “writer” would be used to describe me and the thoughts that tumble out of my head onto paper. It’s a new me, giving away words all neatly packaged up in rhyme.

 I have lived in the interior of Alaska off and on for nearly twenty years. Alaska gets in your blood. It lures you in then takes your soul hostage, becoming part of who you are, who you become. Every summer, the days are warm, long, and inviting. Tourists descend in droves, racing toward the next adventure, and a rich, colorful history provides plenty of businesses with trinkets to sell the Alaskan nostalgia.  Anything seems possible when you are standing outside at midnight and the stars are nowhere to be found. That is until winter rolls back around.

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