About the Author: Keith Forsythe


Brian “Keith” Forsythe, originally from the United States of America, now lives in the beautiful city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada with his amazing wife and handsome cat. He served his country in the US Navy, as a submariner after which he lived an eventful life of considerably poor choices. Writing poetry has become a very cathartic practice for him. He loves riding motorcycles, playing videogames, reading, and of course writing.

Affection After Affliction

About the Book

Through his self-proclaimed love of writing, poet, Keith Forsythe, debuts a vast collection of his works in “Affection After Affliction.”

The author writes in a beautifully classical poetic style, heady with masculinity, spanning the various themes of Norse Mythology, Greek Mythology and Jewish Folklore.  Keith Forsythe pens a series of love poems dedicated to his ‘White Rose,’ with immense depth of love and abiding passion. He writes of the anguish of a woman, of wasted days and of battles fought. The expanse of his work is an invitation to all lovers of poetry, both men and women.

“Deaths icy talons around my soul

 Agonizing spasms assail ragged flesh 

Will you bathe my body with your tears?”

 (Will You ~ Keith Forsythe)

Keith is very well read, which is evident in the various subject matter and styles in which he writes. A wonderful compilation of traditional prose which has a comforting quality all readers will enjoy!

Brenda-Lee Ranta, author of Heart Sounds

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