More Than Sustained by Susannah White

Western society teaches us that if we have

emotions – we’re unstable.

I feel like we’re raised and taught to behave

like robotic parasites.

Our souls aren’t meant to be controlled –

for we are to take to the winds in flight.


They’ve created just about every medical term for all these

feelings that are hard to discern.

The pills they say that so much of our

population should take,

It’s all just a ploy to keep your soul hidden


Your mind they will dull-

Not worth putting your soul at stake.

Children being put on drugs before their minds

have a chance to develop.

Losing the intrinsic beauty of the soul’s relic.


The easier route is never the way to go,

masking your emotions-

Never letting anyone know.

Learn to express them in all you do,

others may not like it, but at least it’s released

from you.

Holding them in will cause an eruption,

eruptions always come with repercussions.

Don’t suffer the consequence of others


don’t hold onto their pain.

Focus on yourself and learn what you need –

So you can be more than sustained.


© Susannah White

Where the Soul Wanders

Excerpt from the book Where the Soul Wanders

$12.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and

Susannah White About the Author

Susannah White is a self-taught poet residing in Southern California. Her passion for writing excelled at a very young age after winning a state writing competition. She won numerous awards throughout school, including the national President’s award multiple times. Susannah feels her purpose in life is to lift those souls up whom have broken wings and help them once again soar to where their soul wanders.

Visit Susannah’s Author Page at:

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