T. Rose and B. Blossom by Nolan P. Holloway, Jr.


A seed that grew and was cared for by love

Watered through the years with words of wisdom

Nurtured to emerge to a colorful burst of life

But a sadness has grown from unfulfilled dreams

Colors and fragrances now just part of my memories

Struggling to see the beauty as a part of life’s garden

Have glimpsed the growth and watered it from time to time

But wasn’t there to talk or to have any influence

To gaze on her essence from afar filled me with pride

As she gained age with sun and rain I anticipated with excitement the flower she would one day become

The Rose has transcended before full maturity

There is another flower

Shared the garden with The Rose

Nurtured with the same water of wisdom and sunshine love

Sharing the beauty and hue of sky when a storm has passed

I yearn to be there to water and help care for her and watch this flower fully blossom……


© Nolan P. Holloway Jr.

Life Between the Words

Excerpt from the book “Life Between The Words”

$11.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and Amazon.com

Nolan H

About the Author

Nolan has been writing poetry for about six years now and it was something very unexpected. The first wave resulting in over 100 scribes which he shared with online groups, family and friends.  He has also attended spoken word events to recite his work in front of a live audience. Nolan is an accomplished writer who is truly enjoying his written journey.

Visit Author Page At: www.ctupublishinggroup.com/nolan-p.-holloway–jr..html

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