Dream Spun by Markus Fleischmann

Two lonely hearts spin a web, a dream spun spider’s bed.  Strands of wishes made of glass, fragile and unique for your desire to keep. Our rainbow has no start as the universe has no end, and in your heart a hole so deep, a void longing to be filled. A special place where wishes are built on a foundation of hope to one day find a twinkle of love in someone’s eye, and on that day a love so true, this web, dream and wish is spun just for you.

© Markus Fleischmann

A Stained Glass Heart

Excerpt from the book A Stained Glass Heart

$11.95 Plus Shipping – Available at CTU Publishing Group and Amazon.com

markus About the Author

Markus Fleischmann is a free thinker and writer who lives in Texas. For me, writing down my thoughts and experiences is an outlet, a release of emotions that I feel, and experiences and emotions of others. I am an empath which grants me the gift of heightened feeling in my surroundings. As a dreamer, free thinker and a peddler of words it brings me such great joy to be able to share this gift with others.

Visit Markus’s Author Page At: www.ctupublishinggroup.com/markus-fleischmann.html

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