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Heart Sounds: Murmurings is a moving collection of poetry penned by author Brenda-Lee Ranta. Written in a deeply personal and introspective style, the collection is offered as a baring of the soul of its author. Brenda-Lee Ranta is an individual who has undergone, and is still undergoing, evolution of the self through various forms of self realization and reflection over the passage of time. As the author calls it, she is a ‘work in progress’, and the collection is inspired by the idea that her heart murmurs to her when she has these epiphanies of spirit, causing her to think of who she is now in comparison with the past, and to express her emotions in their most raw form.

5star-shiny-hr-rajaAlthough Brenda-Lee Ranta’s voice is highly subjective and personal to her, I feel there is something to offer everyone in this collection of poems. The emotions run the full gamut of the human experience, asking for answers to those questions that most of us will inevitably ask during our lifetimes, and her unique flow of words has an almost hypnotic quality that was very relaxing to read. That said, the subject matter of many of the works was very thought provoking, and often caused me to inquire as to the nature of my own life and similar revelations I have had. A particular favourite for me was Wordsmith, which resonated hugely, and I’m sure that any reader with an appreciation for free and experimental poetry will find a favourite too amongst the pages of Heart Sounds: Murmurings.

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

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About the Author

Canadian born, Brenda-Lee Ranta resides in her home-town of Timmins, Ontario. She has been a poet, writing for 54 years; her first poem crafted at the age of seven. Brenda-Lee shares her love of words with her soul-mate, Hugh Dysart, who is also a poet-lyricist-musician.

On the cusp of her retirement, she will be found writing, painting, singing or creating something from the stirrings of her heart.  She claims this is who she ‘wanted to be when she grew up.’

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