Five Star Readers’ Favorite Bronze Medal Award Winner “Hope Between Heartbeats” by Liz Newman


2018 Bronze Medal Award Winner

Hope Between Heartbeats by Liz Newman is a collection of poems about love and romance. The different poems are divided into four categories: life, love, loss and learning. They also come with a moving dedication (especially the one about “pillars of strength of resilience”) and an extremely personal and poignant preface which I cannot but partly quote: “I have always found comfort in the written word […]. It would make me feel like someone finally understood me and that I was going to be okay […]. I started writing my heart onto blank pages, in hopes that someone somewhere might find some comfort or strength in my writing.” Well, the author accomplished that with flying colors for sure!

Hope Between Heartbeats by Liz Newman is a first-rate collection of poems which deal bronzewith all the major topics of the heart including isolation, chasm, body and soul, following one’s own rules, illusion, fading, beauty, mortality… and many more. To top it all, it is not just a collection of poems about similar topics, it is a true opening of the author’s heart in a beautiful series of poems. The style and writing generally speaking is delicate, the words are perfectly selected, the syntax is heartrending, and the stylistic devices (alliteration, assonance, rhyme, personification, and so on) help us understand the message better and make this reading a moment of pure delight. That is why I highly recommend this collection. Thank you to the author for sharing such a gem!

Reviewed by Marie-Hélène Fasquel for Readers’ Favorite

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Liz Newman About the Author

Liz Newman is a professional blogger and a poet from the Midwest. She has always found comfort in the written word, dating back to her middle school days where she would jot quotes and song lyrics in the margins of her agenda book. She loves to read and almost always has a book in her hand. Her other great loves include her husband, family, fitness, and her fur babies.

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