New Release “Losing You” by Candace Meredith

Losing You

Introduction . . .

Losing You is a compilation of three Novellas titled Dear Caroline, Not My Daughter and The Marathon Runner that deal with loss in some way.

Dear Caroline is a story about a man who loses his wife; even at the age of seventy-four Jimmy feels he has lost his wife too soon especially when her death was so unexpected. The story gravitates to the surreal in a fantastical kind of way while the protagonist writes to his beloved wife almost on a daily basis – from behind prison bars. Jimmy feels he still has a connection with his wife in a metaphysical sense but that doesn’t go over well with his daughter who vehemently disagrees with his actions and is devastated about his incarceration.

Not My Daughter is also about losing a wife but the story gravitates more toward the loss of a mother as the protagonist Kristi mourns her loss; the story develops further as Kristi is found to have a relationship with William who had been with Marissa Shaw on the night of her death. Kristi dates a man who her father disregards all-the-while trying not to mourn the man who was responsible for the loss of her mother. The finale is a collision course of loss, death and potential forgiveness.

The Marathon Runner delves into the loss of a friend that at some point can be re-kindled if the protagonist plays his cards right: a man who is easily confused as a bum who has no job and is virtually homeless despite his relationship with a store owner. Maverick wants nothing more than to move forward from the past and think of the future but finds himself at the hands of his ex to his dismay. This is the story of a man who wants to re-kindle the past while being constantly reminded of his present.

 Losing You is comprised of three stories that are written to move the reader through intense fantasy and a surreal reality.

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  1. Featured Writer: Candace Meredith – Creative Talents Unleashed
  2. Featured Writer: Candace Meredith – Creative Talents Unleashed
  3. Featured Author: Candace Meredith – Creative Talents Unleashed
  4. Featured Author: Candace Meredith – Creative Talents Unleashed

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