Writer Highlight Featuring: D.B. Hall



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Crypt-ic Vessels

The ancient sorceress stood patiently
for time was on her side
standing watching
until her hexes broke through the crypts charms
then the grave erupted in demonic whispers
and its inhabitants hurriedly crawled out
with soundless screams
their bloodless muscles
clinging to soiled bones.

The white-haired necromancer’s own charms
immediately began to bind them
before they could completely reform
and regain their full strength
severely constrained they howled
while one by one
she drained their evil life power
into clay vessels
and returned their corpses to the crypt.

The shrunken oracle sighed with the effort
carefully sealed each of the clay vessels
only taking a brief moment of respite
to sip heartily from one
when the last one was safe in her woven basket
she rested in the ivy
safe in the shelter of a large tree
crying in euphoric joy
that was another temporal restoration
of her beloved beauty and youth.

© D.B. Hall 11/4/2017

Response to our Inspiration Call on November 04, 2017

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