Spotlight Poet: James F. Cunningham



Photo Credit: Donna J. Sanders



Mixing Dreams


I’m mixing together crazy dreams,
This one has music and butterflies,
Because my mind sees in-between,
It’s my mind that loves to fantasize.

There is music up in the clouds,
Butterflies led me to the source,
But it wasn’t playing very loud,
It was violin music, of course.

Behind it chamber music played,
Other instruments I couldn’t see,
I heard the beauty it conveyed,
I believe it was played for me.

The butterflies were enchanting,
They were only images of sound,
But they became so entrancing,
I began drifting all around.

I could have floated for hours,
I had found my place of peace,
In my dreams I am empowered,
I hope they never cease.


© James F. Cunningham

Featured Writer from “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”


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