Featured Writer: Hugh Dysart

Old Blind Men  – Chasing Rainbows

Old blind men, chasing rainbows,

tripping fairies and carnival clowns.

Eyes once open will forever close.

Old blind men, in their old hometowns.

Old blind men, sit warming their bones,

on park benches and garden swings.

Jesus sandals carry them home,

where Jimi still plays, Janis still sings.

Old blind men, thumb from the past,

the future waves from empty cars,

when life’s winners finish last,

old blind men will find the stars.

Pinhole cards move wooden pegs;

pony-tailed voices, smoky and grey,

yellow fingers swirl ancient dregs,

old blind men, not fade away.

Bagpipe winds march,

across childhood waters.

Waters once as sweet as wine,

from a debutantes glass slipper;

now smelling of a whore’s weeds.

‘When I was a boy,

swimming those sweet waters,

with my father.

I feel his strong hands,

pulling me up onto the rocks,

where we still stand.’

Old blind men, chasing rainbows,

with cloudy eyes, on broken wings.

Jesus sandals carry us home,

where Jimi still plays

© Hugh Dysart

hugh About the Author

Hugh Dysart resides in Timmins, Ontario, Canada.  He has spent his entire life as a drummer/musician; playing on the road in his early years.  He has had a long career as a Geo Technologist in the mining field.

 He has always loved to write, primarily as a lyricist, but has taken the art of writing prose quite seriously in recent years. He writes daily as a form of expression, having had a long, albeit very interesting life.  He has very strong political, liberal views, finding art a creative expression of those values.  Hugh’s home is filled with books and musical instruments; a constant inspiration to his various art forms.

 Sharing his life with his life partner/soul mate and their pets.  He is the father of two children, three step children and three grandchildren.  He has an enormous love of family and his children are his greatest pride.

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7 replies

  1. Congratulations! You are such a wonderful writer…beautiful nostalgic piece…


  2. Reblogged this on The Lyrical Quill and commented:
    A fabulous piece by Hugh Dysart.. love it!


  3. Wow thanks a lot. I hope people enjoy it.


  4. Raj, I would like to thank you very much. I’ve played music for almost 50 years. It’s a huge compliment to be recognized in another art form. Especially by someone of your caliber.


  5. Fantastic imagery and intelligence


  6. Way to go Hugh ! Your writing always captivates me! Keep up the great work!



  1. My hubby is the featured writer..so proud of his talent <3 | The Lyrical Quill

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