About the Author: Meet Kristina Neal Mosley

kristina-mosleyAbout the Author

Kristina Neal Mosley

Creative Talents Unleashed is both thrilled and honored to announce the upcoming release of Saltwater On My Knees by Author Kristina Neal Mosley.

Krissy Mosley: An Advocate for Women’s rights. Mother of three children, Holding an B.A in Mental Health, from Wilberforce University and Master of Jurisprudence from Widener University School of law, Health law M.J.

Mosley’s Thoughts About Poetry

For me writing poetry in a spiritual perspective as Mother God brought wholeness to all the ripples in humanity. Of which are nurturing, sensitive and upholding the rights of women. In a feminine voice, one that is loving and liberating. Poetry and prayer are synonymous; I find clarity and breathe deeper in my practice. – Kristina Neal Mosley


Preface . . .

There are all night prayers in momma’s house, all night prayers upon my bed. My face hurts, my tear-ducts, my nostrils are swollen; see, my streets, are not like other streets. My sidewalks have caved in. These knees I carry, they are not mine, but I don’t know it.

 The women drag their skirted burdens around the floors. Open all the windows let their spirits out. We are sisters; we are lovers of waters that nourish our souls. Put aside; ratchet disposition put aside our nomadic tendencies: to roam, to run, to flee.

 I’ve come to tell you, how salt taste. I’ve reassured this hope. Salt is not stagnant. We are not forsaken: alone like a fallen tree, alone drifting in rivers, alone in song, like rain.

Saltwater On My Knees

Available October 29, 2016

Visit Kristina’s Author Page To Pre-Order Your Copy Today!



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