IV, Two Sides of Me – Author Isaiah Barber

I am standing in the mirror and this is what I fear.  There are two sides of me, one of them I don’t want to be.  What do I need to do to feel you close to me?  I cannot hold this cage much longer, I need to be stronger.

My wall is coming down

All around, Piece by piece

My soul he wants to feast

Silence this beast


The beast in me

Two sides of me

I need to see


Inside of me, there is a craving and I’m in need of saving.  Is this the beginning of the other side of me?  The beast is ripping through his cage, I feel the rage.  He has breached my mind, I feel him behind, he is not so kind and my heart he is trying to find.  Is this my last dance, the end of my romance?  Heavenly father, I’m getting colder.  I ask that rescue this child trapped in the wild.  Send me a savior so I may be called a survivor.

© Isaiah Barber

Excerpt from the book “Path To Serenity”

Path To Serenity About the Author

Writing came about for me, in my life, when I was 16 years of age.  Before that however, more to my story is needed.  My mother left my father when I was 3.  Most children develop an emotional attachment to the mother, but I was the opposite.  I became a destructive child as a result.  When I was 9, my mother decided to take me to Oregon from Washington but it didn’t end there.  After a year she took me to Kansas, away from family and my father.  To be brief with this portion of my story, I went from destructive to complete and utter depression and despair.

For whatever reason, I picked up a pen and wrote on a blank sheet of paper.  I didn’t write diligently but I did ever so often, I just wanted to know who this God is. My mind was still fractured and damaged from the road bestowed upon me and when I was 18, I dropped out of high school for my misery and depression was too great for me to handle school.  My life thereafter was not joyous or happy.  I continued down a lonely road with no friends or anyone to truly call family.  My pain and sorrow was great indeed.   I turned to the pen and wrote what I could see as my heart coming together.  I recorded my life through poetry and it was my therapy.  The feeling of healing was within what I wrote and I found purpose.  Thus, God and poetry has been my journey, a road to complete serenity for all eternity.

 Visit Isaiah’s Author Page At: www.ctupublishinggroup.com/isaiah-barber.html


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