Shining The Spotlight On: Chad Bittner Hurt

Spot 4


Waves wash ashore,
tide abates, revealing fresh shells
worthy of becoming souvenirs
they won’t be all that’s taken home.
You’ll feel the ocean in your bed,
the flow and ebb is in your head
putting you to sleep tonight.
That rhythm never leaves
it’s just awakened,
heightened by the water.
Your spirit remembers life at sea
a time before your two feet
when you swam free.
No sun then, no beach.
The waves only began to shimmer
because your eyes wanted to see.
The tide turned because you let it be.
You built this cathedral Earth,
baptized in sunlight
saved by a clear memory
of you as the ocean,
not a body of water
but the stillness
from which we radiate;
reaching to invoke a sandy shore,
deciding there’s a sun to perceive
until we return home
with a fading memory,
ready to get some sleep
because tomorrow we leave
for fresh mountain air
seeking a revelation in
incredible snow-capped stone
existing only so that we may
make our way to the peak.

© Chad Bittner Hurt

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