Writing Tip: Bring Awareness

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  1. Donna,

    This is a great article. It is easy for us to not have a full understanding until we witness first hand some of these scenarios. Last summer I witnessed PTSD first hand. My son was graduating from the Corrections Academy is Nevada. The family traveled from California to Las Vegas the night prior because it was a morning graduation ceremony. Some of my family members did not plan ahead and secure their hotel, as they thought they could just rent the same day. When they were not able to, they asked could they double up in my room. Of course, I wasn’t going to leave them hanging. My Nephew 28, discharged from 4 years military service with severe PTSD from his head being grazed by a missile in Germany. He loved his job. He came home, a different young man. I remember him telling me that he could no longer do fireworks or 4th of July. I asked him what he did on 4th of July and he said “take a sleeping pill and go to bed before dark.”
    Anyway, the eve of my son’s graduation a storm rolled in. My nephew went out drinking and gambling until 2 am. When he got back to the hotel and lay down to rest a lightning strike lit up our room, and the BOOM could be felt through the Hotel and we were on the 20th floor. He jumped out of bed and started running back and forth in the room, scaring the children that were with us. His heart began to race and he could not breathe. He ran over to the phone and called for hotel security. We tried calming him and talking to him, and told him he needed to rest and he would be okay. Our answer… just go to sleep and you will be okay. Security came up with their trained medic staff and took his vitals and talked to him. He agreed to stay in room, and they left. He spent a lot of time talking out loud, and pacing, and splashing water on his face. He finally laid down and it was quiet for about 10 minutes before he rolled over and dialed 911. He was taken to the local hospital via ambulance, and missed my son’s graduation completely. By time I saw him again, he had been medicated and back to his self again. It was a crazy long, exhausting night for us all, imagine how he felt?

    Thank you for writing this article and reminding us that we all, are going through different things.


  2. Wow! Incredible experience and it makes you understand more what people have to deal with. I hope others who read can be more aware and sensitive to those going through these situations.



  1. Writing Tip: Bring Awareness – TheRaven6825

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