Introducing Author Christopher Allen Breidinger “Poet Christopher’s Truths, Treasures, and Golden Pleasures”

Poet Christopher

Preface . . .

I would consider the truth to be like a treasure buried on an island of golden pleasure. Many people search the island, but never really find it. Many people search, and find what they think is the treasure, only to later find that it was only fool’s gold. The poems in this book are the maps I’ve made on my quest to acquire the bounty of all truth. My truth.

Many voices will clamor that it doesn’t exist, that the truth has been so well disguised that it is impossible to determine if it ever did exist. They say that the truth is a subjective extinction, long dead, in an objective world. Fool’s gold is all there really is. However, I have found that finding this treasure of truth becomes much easier when you realize that the island of golden pleasure is you.

I believe we are all carrying these treasures inside of ourselves and there is, indeed, a great golden pleasure just waiting to be discovered and uncovered. I invite you to search these pages and use these metaphorical maps as guideposts to finding the truths, the treasures and the golden pleasures inside yourself.

© Christopher Allen Breidinger

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