Writer Highlight Featuring: Peter William Breslin



Hey up auld lad, I thought I’d tell ya
Allen’s butchers’ll try to sell ya
Bones for a dog, when once they were free
And tripe nowadays is a delicacy
Trotters and snout were never nowt
And most times butchers’ throw ‘em out
But times are hard and food’s gone dear
I’m counting my shillings, and out of fear
I’ve turned my three bar heater down
My free bus pass gets me into town
And that’s just grand, I’ll save a penny
For old folks nowadays ain’t got many
My pension’s spent on food or heating
And what’s left over’s less than meeting
Standards I was well assured
My fifty years of work secured….


You don’t want to hear my gripes
Or listen to my bitter snipes
At what’s not right or what should be
You’re young of heart and fancy free
I’m old and had it, I’ll just shut-up
And like the saying, I’ll just put-up
With things that I can never change
‘cause that’s for you to rearrange
And get it done before you’re old
Get those politicians told;
You won’t accept the things we did
It’s your time now to place you’re bid
On future health and happiness
Don’t settle for this crappiness
That I’ve been served on a silver platter
It’s your turn now to make things matter.

© Peter William Breslin 2015

Response to our Inspiration Call on November 22, 2015

Photo Credit: © Corbis Royalty Free Photo

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