Beauty Pageants – Christena AV Williams

Beauty Pageants

There are no rules for my kind
They are no criteria we must satisfy
Our beauty is undefined by mystic eyes
What is our prize? It is the element of surprise
There can never be identical by personality
We have no similar body mass or size
What I like is so different from you
I like pink and you like blue
Of course, we are not oblige
To enter such a false parade
Unique we are and what each possess
No one else can be comparing.

© Christena AV Williams


Christena Williams.BIO

Christena AV Williams is a young Jamaican award- winning author /poet/publisher and a History Major at the University of the West Indies, Mona. She wrote Pearls Among Stones, which is available on Amazon; Canadian Brian Wrixon first published this book in 2013. This earned her one of the most prestigious awards given to youths in her country. “The Prime Minister’s National youth awards for excellence in arts and culture.” This poet is an advocate for positive transformation of country, lives, and writes with passion and radical evoking feelings.

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  1. I am honoured to have my poem feature- Thank you very much


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