Little Bird – Author Sue Lobo

© Copyright 2015 Corbis Corporation

Little bird of sad glassy eye & faded plume,
Sitting alone upon a perch, imprisoned behind a bar,
Watching me with listless stare, you are doomed,
Envying me my freedom, see me move around,
How little you know, it´s not freedom, but restlessness,
Blinking little eye, you pray to feathered Gods,
To set you free, to fly in cool blue imaginary sky,
You dream of basking within sun´s warm hand,
Of dancing under rain´s cool embrace;
Is that a tear running down your mangy little face?
I´m sorry, I didn´t know birds cried,
I envy you my feathered friend, the solitude you have,
Hidden from life´s cruel blows,
Away from realities, the heat & the cold,
You will never understand, & neither will I.

© Sue Lobo
Excerpt from the book “Wild Whisperings”

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Credit: © angelalourenco/RooM the Agency/Corbis

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