Introducing Author Sue Lobo “Wild Whisperings”


Foreword . . .
Have you ever witnessed an animal die or being killed, how about hundreds of animals dying or being killed off in front of your eyes? With each year that passes South Africa’s rhino population decreases due in large part to poachers who slaughter these animals. If the numbers remain steady, it is estimated that by the year 2026 they could possibly become extinct in the wild. Hunted for their Keratin horns as the elephant its ivory tusks, pushed to the brink of extinction, yet they are not alone. The plain truth is that the mistreatment of Animals is a global epidemic. This book “Wild Whisperings” speaks to such topics. The content found within is much more than well-dressed words void of true substance gracing the page as sometimes poetry tends to do. This book of poetry is an invitation, a celebration of life. All walks of life. It’s a heartfelt eulogy to a much simpler place in time, and most importantly a subtle voice for the vulnerable creatures among us who are endangered and in desperate need of our help.
I admit that I too was unaware as most people tend to be when a particular problem is not resting on ones doorstep. How faint is the cry that must travel heart to heart. Luckily for me I encountered a kindred spirit who has helped to further broaden my awareness. For this reason alone it is such an honor to be asked by one of England’s most gifted poets and spiritually enlightened daughters, Author Sue Lobo to write the foreword for her most recent publication.

Robert C. Frost once stated, “That behind every book there is a life, the quality of that life determines the validity and vitality of the message presented.” This man would have adored Sue Lobo, for the quality of her life is as rich and vibrant as any I have encountered. She is a woman with soul and spirit, immense compassion and empathy, at an early age Sue moved to Botswana then later South Africa with her parents and witnessed first-hand the horrid injustice of Apartheid. She understands what it means to be voiceless, hunted and endangered, and she has chosen not to sit silently. She is donating one hundred percent of the proceeds from “Wild Whisperings” to the “Save the Rhino International Fund.” Yes she cares, and although she no longer resides in the motherland, Africa is and will always be her mother, and she will always be the ever watchful and caring child. This book is not for the heartless, but the heart-full.

Demitri Tyler Author, Measuring For Balance

Preface . . .

This book is poetry about animals, about their lives, their loves, their beauty, and their deaths. It is about us as human beings, as animals too, and yet we can learn so much from every species upon this earth of ours. May we be gentler and kinder to all species of animals, however big or small, wherever they are.


“Love and blessings to all those who live
Above, within and below the skies,
Above, within and below all waters,
Above, within and below the earth.
So be it.”

100% of all proceeds from Wild Whisperings are being donated to The Save The Rhino Fund.

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  1. With her poetry, Sue Lobo shows us the love she has for every living creature, that even the blind moth weeps for not being able to see the beauty of God ~ Caring passionately about the rhinos of South Africa (the country she spent her childhood years) who are tortured mercilessly at the hands of poachers, for their horns ~ even as i write, this atrocity is happening ~ Sue’s voice is the voice for these creatures ~ Sue Lobo truly cares and in showing her true spirit is donating all of the proceeds from “Wild Whisperings” to “Save The Rhino International Fund” ~ Thank you Sue Lobo, you who have “chosen not to sit quietly” ~

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    • Thank you for leaving such a kind comment. Sue Lobo is both a wonderful writer and Humanitarian. It’s an honor to work with her. May I share your comment on her author page?
      And if agreed, with whom should I give credit for such a kind comment. Smiles

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  2. You do such wonderful work Sue! Have taken the liberty to reblog on my WordPress blog “Thought You Might Like This.”


  3. Reblogged this on The Salamander Chronicles – Don Beukes and commented:
    From my very dear friend Sue Lobo…



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