Introducing Author Raja Williams “Imprints In The Sand”

Imprints Front CoverForeword . . .
“From nowhere to now here…” Tell me how profound is this… question mark and exclamation point. It is, and it really is, yet it isn’t really what you think. Though it is, it is still and instills so much more. My friend, the majestic and poetic Raja Williams’ insightful ‘Imprints In The Sand’ will take the reader on a journey through the wonders of introspection and perspective. The caveat remains, it will take you there and you’ll actually be here, wherever here and there ever was. If this sounds deliberately confusing, I mean it to be, because the key to interpretive reading from the view of the insightful, is to rise above and glance at new heights with a mind opened to receive. With this expressed, absorb the heights and depths of Raja’s gift and be moved to now here, beautifully out of nowhere.

Tony Haynes – Author, Lyricist, Song Writer

Preface . . .

Time continues to press forward whether we are prepared for its movement or not. We leave imprints of ourselves and our life experiences on our daily walks in life. What kind of imprints are you leaving? How do you view life?

“I am nowhere”

“I am now here”

Amazing the difference space can make.

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